Welcome to Cobloggeration!

Cobloggeration is a worldbuilding sandbox blog, try saying that five times fast, where creativity and teamwork merge together to form one beautiful literary realm. We are going to set this in a futuristic fantasy realm set in literally anywhere and we will see where it goes and how these cultures start too interact!

I want to see cultures from all technological stages, fauna of all kinds, cultures with dastardly dictators, alien fleets, spacefaring behemoths, humanoids, robots, time travel, post-modern, Victorian Era Xenomorphs!  You name it! Let’s play!

I am considering collecting all of your entries and compiling them into a googledoc for easy access that everyone can edit, but I’d have to see how big this blog gets before I make any expansion decisions.

Now comes the part where we talk about rules.

  • Comment to your heart’s content, but try and keep your contribution limited to a single culture, species, or category.  Essentially what I’d like to avoid is a 15 page essay detailing an entire solar system’s political history with a rival system.
  • I don’t mind venturing into the R rated realm for some more “corsair-like” raider fleets, or really weird brothel cultures, but anything that might be deemed “Too inappropriate” by the forum or myself will be deleted.
  • Lastly, any comment not relating to the worlds being built will be removed. I can start a separate discussion blog should the need arise, but let’s keep this collaboration as on track as possible.
  • I lied – lastly HAVE FUN! PLAY! PLAY WITH WORDS AND WORLDS! BUILD UPON EACH OTHER’S CREATIONS – SET NATIONS AGAINST ONE ANOTHER – BUILD PLANET KILLERS – or be the most peaceful galaxy the world (lol) has ever known)

Alright! Now that that’s over with, I’ll start us off! You are welcome to use this prompt in any way you like! But if you have an idea that has nothing to do with this particular setup, that’s okay! We are here to play!

Earth, we are ready to leave the solar system…

A great starship has been built in the shadow of the moon. It will make it’s first and only voyage past the eighth planet out of the familiarity of our solar system. Onboard the massive harbor ship, Mother Earth, seventeen thousand brave men and woman set out to explore and colonize the unknown. Captained by Carmen Kallister, and governed by Eddison Zhou, the Mother Earth is expected to reach the edge of the galaxy in sixty years. What new adventures lie ahead of the humans of Earth? What new cultures, dangers, and civilizations shall we find in the mysterious beyond? Are the people of Earth doomed to drift through the vast blackness of space? Will they be erased from the stars? The answers to these questions lie in your hands…

William Wassmann

I'm a University of Washington alumni graduating with my Bachelors in Theatre Arts with an emphasis on theatre history. My mission in life is to spread positive energy, encourage my fellow writers to become published authors, and make you cry your eyes out. My favorite part about storytelling is exploring motivations and character interactions, and I believe these to be the mark of a well executed tale.


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