Hello everyone! Not only is this my first official W.M. Wassmann YouTube video, but it’s also my first Blog post on my new website! *Celebratory Confetti.*

As creating weekly content is I’m just getting started with, I haven’t quite figured out how far in advance I should start a project in order to get it to my viewers on time. So with these first few videos, they might be a day late while I’ll lock in a solid, manageable time frame.

Thanks a ton for chilling with me on my new website! I’ll see you next time!




William Wassmann

I'm a University of Washington alumni graduating with my Bachelors in Theatre Arts with an emphasis on theatre history. My mission in life is to spread positive energy, encourage my fellow writers to become published authors, and make you cry your eyes out. My favorite part about storytelling is exploring motivations and character interactions, and I believe these to be the mark of a well executed tale.


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