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W.M. Wassmann is a Seattle native with a passion for creation, especially when it comes to telling stories. Though he has been writing since 2006, he only recently began to consider his manuscripts for publication. He is currently working on his debut novel, The Shaper’s Timepiece, a¬†dramatic science fiction thriller set in his hometown of Seattle, Washington.



The Shaper’s Timepiece

Feel free to leave a comment below with your honest opinion of my prologue. I am constantly updating this chapter, so there may be some minor technical flaws. Beta readers will be directed to leave Read more


Fighting the Creative Slump

Writing, like anything, requires practice. In order to practice properly, say with a musical instrument, for example, you have to develop routines and warmups. Writing is no different. When I’m developing a new story, my Read more


Inside the Mind of a Writer

Them – “Oh, you’re a writer?” Brain – “We’ve all been asked this question before, and there’s that slight tilt of the head to make me feel even more uncomfortable. We all know the follow-up¬†question…sigh.” Read more

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The Shaper's Timepiece

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